Main Tourists Attractions

There are different areas where you can explore when you are in Picardie. That is because it has its own history that is rich. That is the source of the places that were part of the tourist’s attractions. If you like to see the site where the Battle of Somme has been done, you can visit. The pride of the area is cathedrals. They are scattered all over the place and they are not just built for the sake of building one but they serve as the symbol and representative of the great cathedrals that have been built with much difficulty.

If you want to explore the wet land then you can visit the river in somme and you can even see wildlife in the area. When you move on to the Aisne area, you can see the caves in the underground and also the different works done by the troops during the war. You can also find various churches where you can be able to see the great architecture at that time. the place is nice to capture images as there could be something that is happening and you can know it.

The cathedral was described as one having the gothic architecture. The builders of it have spent much time and effort to build them. They are great and they are now the symbol of the past that could stand until this time. You can also find museums to explore and just randomly see the different houses as they are full of decoration.