Food Picks To Try

Food is one that you must not avoid to taste when you are in France. That is because they have such an amazing cuisine. In Picardie itself, you can find their food that you should try. One of them is the gâteau battu which is a cake that was made locally. Its look is simple but very delicious as it is filled with egg yolks and also butter. You can eat them while you are exploring different areas and you will not regret it.

When it comes to a viand in a meal, you can try the moules or the mussels. They are very recommended as they are delicious but they are small. So if you are in a hurry, order them next time so you can enjoy them. When it comes to the appetizer, you should try the pate which is made in the local version. It is delicious and has a creamy flavor. There is also a lamb that is prepared with many salicornia and also marsh plants.

If you want to take home some food delicacies here then you can buy jams that are made here. There is a rhubarb jam if you had not tasted one. Buy one and you will surely like it. Wine is also one that is common here as this place is also the producer of wine in France. There is also the whipped cream that you will surely like. It is delicious and they make them in the Chateau de Chantilly. It has passion fruit in it.