Picardie 101

This place is situated in a very good place that shaped its history. It was shaped into a triangle by its three borders. It is inside the borders of Paris, London and Amsterdam. Picardie is the place where you will find its significance during the war era. The place was known as the one where the battle in the history of Europe and France has taken place particularly in Somme and in Crecy. Its territory was also ruled by different rulers like the Habsburgs, the English, French, and Spanish.

During the 12th century, the region was wealthy as the lands are very productive. The land is also flat that enabled if to support farming. As the region is wealthy, different projects were carried out as the symbol of wealth and to be known to the whole world. these are the cathedrals that were built as big and one that rises up. They are a work of masterpiece.

As it is close to the known cities so the place is where people also commute using the train to go to work and going home.

In the northern part of the Picardie region is where you can find the bustling agriculture. They mostly produced crops and also cereals. But they also have the sugar beet production and they are the largest in the country of France. It is easy to travel into Picardie as you can use the train or if you have your own car. You can also take the bus.